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4 octobre 2011 2 04 /10 /octobre /2011 23:46

Wat Thai Dhammaram Waterloo Belgium, Harmony Unity : Wednesday 05.10.2011 






            SUN Sunday, October 2, 2011 afternoon    SUN     




                                                               11 12 12[1] 

Donation food (96)





วัดไทยธรรมาราม เมืองวอเตอร์ลู ประเทศเบลเยียม


"เลอ เรสโต"ขายหาเงินเข้ากองทุนอาหารแด่ผู้ด้อยโอกาสในสังคม

เมื่อ วัน อาทิตย์ ที่ 2 ตุลาคม 2554 ที่ เมือง เบ รน ลา เลอ ด์ ประเทศ เบลเยียม





Wat Thai Dhammaram with the great support from

Thai Community in Belgium cooks Thai food to "LE RESTO",



Belgium to support social service on Sunday 2nd October 2011.






Donation food (49)

Donation food (11)



Donation food (44) Donation food (47)



Donation food (23)

Donation food (17)

Donation food (19)


Together to do good for others........ paix1.gif


Donation food (36)

Donation food (35)



fleurs2       Give-KDO          fleurs2





What the small and less important,

but necessary things we together intend to do for society.Donation food (29)


Donation food (41)

Donation food (26)

Donation food (33)

Donation food (15)

Donation food (55)


fleur thaifleur thaifleur thaifleur thaifleur thaifleur thaifleur thai

Donation food (32)




yinyang2                           mange3                            yinyang2



Let's work for the world with more loving-kindness, 

more compassion and more wisdom. fleurs5.gif


Let's our sisters and brother in the whole

planet live in harmony and unity,

no conflict, no fighting, no war, no violence! fleurs5.gif




Donation food (59)Donation food (9)


              mange1         Faim        mange3

Donation food (38)



      fleurs5.gif  Poules.gifPoules.gifPoules.gifPoules.gifPoules.gifPoules.gifPoules.gifPoules.gifPoules.gifPoules.gifPoules.gifPoules.gif  fleurs5.gif


Donation food (93)


We all try to do good for our sisters and brothers who need help and support.






Donation food (95)




  Coeur1Coeur1Coeur1                       11 12 14[1]                            Coeur1Coeur1Coeur1

Donation food (101)Donation food (108)

                Coeur9.gif                handicaP.jpg             Coeur9.gif



Donation food (133)

                     Donation food (138)

Donation food (143)





     Salut.gif  Salut.gif  Salut.gif  Salut.gif




Donations to the Red Cross.... croix-rouge1.jpg


Donation food (111)

Donation food (113)

Donation food (116)

Donation food (118)



Love yourself and love the world.


May all beings be happy, healthy and peaceful.  heureux.9



Donation food (130)

Happy is the birth of the Buddha,
Happy is the preaching of the Sublime Dharma,
Happy is the unity of the Sangha,
Happy is the striving of the united ones.


Donation food (82)

                   Donation food (79)


Merci4  thx3    Merci8.gif

Donation food (83)








Salut1.gif                 Salut1.gif                           Salut1.gif  

Donation food (85)

aFirstDay (46)



                    สาธุ สาธุ สาธุ 

              Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu









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