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2 octobre 2011 7 02 /10 /octobre /2011 22:35

Wat Thai Dhammaram Waterloo Belgium, Harmony Unity : Monday. 03.10.2011


Wat Thai Dhammaram Waterloo Belgium,

Harmony Unity with Khun Banthom + Mr. Harry Metzen organize

3 days Meditation (Friday 30th Sept.-Sunday 2nd Oct., 2011)

in Blaricum, the Netherlands



วัดไทยธรรมาราม เมืองวอเตอร์ลู ประเทศเบลเยียม


 (เกี่ยว อุปเสโณ) ร่วมกับคุณบรรทม (ใจตั้ง) และคุณฮารี เมตเซน


เมืองบลาริคุม ประเทศเนเธอร์แลนด์ ระหว่างวันศุกร์ที่ ๓๐ กันยายน

ถึงวันอาทิตย์ที่ ๒ ตุลาคม ๒๕๕๔





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Blaricum-meditate (43)






We who are healthy live
happily midst the unhealthy,
among unhealthy humans
from ill-health dwell we free.


Among those sick, afflicted by defilements, we,

who are not so afflicted, live happily. Among the sick, we live, unafflicted, in extreme happiness.



Blaricum-meditate (23)

Blaricum-meditate (30)

Blaricum-meditate (31)

Blaricum-meditate (26)


We the unhating live
happily midst the haters,
among the hating humans
from hatred dwell we free.



Among those who hate, we live without hating,

When they hate we live without hating, We live happily among those who hate.




Blaricum-meditate (6)

Blaricum-meditate (2)

Blaricum-meditate (4)

Blaricum-meditate (49)

Blaricum-meditate (47)


Those who come to Wakening

with mind full-cultivated,
delight, no longer clinging,
in relinquishing attachment:
they, without pollution, radiant,
in this world have reach Nibbana.


There are those wise individuals who have practiced extremely well

the factors conducive to the attainment of liberation.

They do not cling to anything emotionally or mentally.

They are opposed to the tendency to be greedy and grasping,

They take delight in non-grasping.

They, the shining ones, who are totally bereft of blemishes,

have attained liberation in this world itself.


    Blaricum-meditate (9)      2689

Blaricum-meditate (16)

Blaricum-meditate (22)

Blaricum-meditate (42)

  Blaricum-meditate (39) Blaricum-meditate (41)


Let them desire that rare delight
renouncing pleasures, owing nought,
those wise ones should cleanse themselves
from all defilements of the mind.


He takes interest in liberation.

He gives up all preferences for sensualities.

This way, he is without any possessions.

The wise person proceeds to cleanse his mind from those defilements that blemish the mind.


 77  Give-KDO


Blaricum-meditate (38)

Blaricum-meditate (36)

Blaricum-meditate (37)


bandoning the dhammas dark
the wise should cultivate the bright,
having from home to homeless gone
in solitude unsettling.


The wise person abandons fully and totally those tainted views and questionable ways of behaviour

and moves away from the known comforts of lay life into the unfamiliar way of life of the renunciate.

He practises virtue conducive to the achievement of liberation.



Blaricum-meditate (27)

Blaricum-meditate (24)

Blaricum-meditate (51)


Don’t go around with evil friends,
with rogues do not resort.
Spend your time with noble friends,
and worthy ones consort.


Do not associate with people who have evil ways.

Avoid the company of wicked, evil people who are mean and bad.

Associate with worthy friends.

Keep the company of noble persons who are superior in quality

and virtue and who will be able to elevate you.


Blaricum-meditate (52)

Blaricum-meditate (59)

Blaricum-meditate (67)

Blaricum-meditate (62)

Happy is he who Dhamma drinks
with heart that’s clear and cool.
One so wise e’er delights
in Dhamma declared by the Noble.


One who delights in "The Teaching" lives happily with a pure mind.

The experience of the "Sublime Ones" the wise always enjoy.


bougiecoeur bougiecoeurbougiecoeur                  Medita                      bougiecoeurbougiecoeurbougiecoeur

Blaricum-meditate (78)

Blaricum-meditate (83)

Blaricum-meditate (81)

Irrigators govern waters,
fletchers fashion shafts,
as joiners shape their timber
those who are wise tame themselves.


The irrigator who manages water is skilled in directing water to whatever place he wants.

The fletcher skilfully shapes a very straight arrow-shaft out of a piece of wood

by working skilfully on it.

The carpenter selects a block of wood and constructs whatever he wants out of it,

depending on his need. In the same way, the wise person works upon their mind,

restraining it the way they desire.



                   Blaricum-meditate (88)


 Just as a mighty boulder

stirs not with the wind,
so the wise are never moved
either by praise or blame.


The wise remain unmoved and unruffled both by praise and humiliation.

The wise remain unshaken under all vicissitudes of life,

like the solid rock that withstands the buffetings of wind, unmoved.

Blaricum-meditate (84)

Blaricum-meditate (73)

Even as a fathomless lake,
a lake so calm and clear,
so dhammas having heard
serene the wise become.


The exceedingly deep oceans are tranquil, calm and are not agitated.

In the same way whose wise ones who listen to the word of the Buddha acquire deep awareness

and are extremely calm and tranquil.


Blaricum-meditate (8)

But they who practise Dhamma
according to Dhamma well-told,
from Death’s Domain hard to leave
they’ll cross to the Further Shore.


The realms over which Mara has sway, are difficult to be crossed.

Only those who quite righteously follow the way indicated in the well-articulated Teachings

of the Buddha, will be able to cross these realms that are so difficult to cross.



SUN                                  11 12 16[1]                                      Arbre4

Blaricum-meditate (34)


Let him exhort, let him instruct,
and check one from abasement.
Dear indeed is he to the true,
not dear is he to the false.


The wise and good person who reproaches and warns,

and prevents a person from getting into anti-social behaviour,

is liked by virtuous individuals - and disliked by those who are evil.


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